Best Sites to Watch Korean Movies Online

Korean entertainment is all over the media. K-pop stars are all over the radio waves. Korean dramas are now being dubbed and subbed in different languages. Best of all, Korean movies are finally getting exposure they deserve!

Korean movies, much like Asian movies, are quite different from movies that Hollywood often puts out. Oftentimes, Korean movies aren’t as straightforward as Western films. They usually have less simple plots, some of which are so contrived that you might get lost in the first 30 minutes. You may find yourself frustrated at the start because the story isn’t as cut and dry as Hollywood movies. This is the exact reason so many people love both Korean movies and K-dramas: The refreshing way a story unfolds.

Are you looking to watch a Korean film online? Can’t quite find the Korean movies you’re looking for in the usual sites? Here are some sites to give you your Korean film fix!


While Netflix used to only have more famous movies, they now have hidden gems in their collection. Because of the growing popularity of Korean films, Netflix has picked up both fresh and old yet beloved titles. Netflix has also produced its fair share of movies and series. For a monthly subscription, you can gain unlimited access to a multitude of Korean films.

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Hulu, like Netflix, is a subscription site that charges a small monthly fee to watch their films and series. Hulu has a wide array of Korean movies that you may not be able to find on Netflix. Because it’s a paid subscription, Hulu ensures that their collection is frequently updated with HD films and series.

Feel like watching Korean movies along with other Asian films? GoodDrama has a vast collection of all the Asian movies you could possibly want to see. Their collection even has some of the rare movies and series that you can’t find on subscription sites. The best part about GoodDrama is that their service is absolutely free. The only downside, however, is that you need to close a handful of pop-up ads before you can fully enjoy your movie.


AsianCrush gives you a massive selection of Korean dramas and movies. This site combines both popular Korean titles with less popular ones that you can discover. On top of that, AsianCrush also streams series and movies from other countries like Taiwan, China, Japan, India, and Canada. It’s an all-in-one site where you can watch all your favorite movies and series from anywhere in the world. The best part is that AsianCrush also has subtitles for different languages!

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New Asian TV

New Asian TV has a regularly updated catalog of different Korean movies and dramas. Even if a series is still ongoing, New Asian TV uploads the latest episodes mere hours after it is shown on TV. The same goes for their movies, as you can stream some movies that are still in theaters. New Asian TV also has movies and series from other countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The only downside is that due to IP restrictions, certain countries may not be able to view their videos.

Quench your thirst for the latest Korean movies through these streaming sites. Explore new titles and genres in their extensive collection. You’ll never run out of Korean movies to watch when you regularly check these sites for new titles!