Looking For Tech Conferences in Asia? Here Are the Best Ones to Attend

Whether you’re the CEO of a startup tech company, the CIO of a huge multinational, an IT academician or a humble IT executive with big ideas, you’ll want to keep up with what’s going on. The best way to do this is to attend a tech conference. Conferences are perfect for networking and educating yourselves about the latest tech trends. Here are some of the best tech conferences in Asia.

Tech in Asia Conference

Tech in Asia’s biggest conference combines all the most practical and useful aspects of all their smaller conferences in Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. This large conference features more than 3000 stakeholders in the tech industry and should not be missed by anyone who has interest in the field.

Tech in Asia: Product Development Conference

Tech in Asia is one of Asia’s leading technology trends website and it organizes several tech conferences every year. The Tech in Asia PDC is geared towards product development topics like engineering, product design, infrastructure, user experience and data analytics. The conference features an impressive list of speakers, which in 2019 include Carmen Opera, VP of HappyFresh and Randy J. Hunt, head of design at Grab.

Kaspersky Security Analysts Summit

This annual conference by one of the leading anti-virus brands in the world brings together the greatest minds in cybersecurity today. It will bring forward the current threats to cybersecurity in the various fields, including government, finance, education, telecommunications and more.

CIO Leaders Summit

Chief Information Officers all over Asia meet in this summit designed to connect senior IT executives. There will be a series of talks where local and international leaders in the industry share their experiences and keep the community updated.

Techsauce Global Summit

Touted as the most diverse tech summit in Asia, this conference will be attended by entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, startup leaders and more. The topics covered will be wide including blockchain, AI, Fintech, smart cities and more.